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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Edelweiss White Bangles and Beads by LolaLynn

bracelet from LolaLynn sparkles like ice and snow! A perfect entry for "Winter Wonderland."

I volunteered for over 2 years on the EFA Challenge team and donate funds to both EFA's charity of the month and Gulf turtle rescue groups on a regular basis.


  1. A perfect winter wonderland entry!
    Sparkly like snow!
    And 50% to charity!!
    You go girl!!!

  2. A beautiful entry to a most dedicated animal lover and EFA supporter !

  3. Beautiful and perfect for Winter, thank you for your work for the animals and EFA!

  4. You can almost feel the cold in this! Reminds of something the White Witch of Narnia would wear!

  5. Definitely has the delicacy of ice feel to it!

  6. This is trully a beautiful entry! I love it!


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