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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Classic Hawaiian Small Blanket by BarkingDogBlanket

I love this fabric, to me it is just classic Hawaiian. This BarkingDogBlanket from my shop has pineapples and coconut trees, which grow here in tropical climates, and also the beautiful reef fish that can be seen when you go snorkeling. Not to mention some of our favorite past times to do in Hawaii such as surfing, fishing, and canoe paddling.

I volunteer at our local Hawaiian Humane Society, Oahu SPCA as a kennel cleaner and dog walker, in addition to helping with off site adoptions with HHS. I donate 10% of my sales to our EFA COTM, Pigs Peace Sanctuary, BooBooZoo Maui, United Animal Nations, Farm Animal Sanctuary and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.


  1. Perfect for summer; perfect for dogs!

    Love the vintage-look to the fabric and the pineapples. Pineapples have been known as a welcome symbol for a long time. I read that when sailors would return from their overseas adventures, they would often put a pinapple on their front doorstep to let their neighbors know that they were home.

    Thanks for entering the challenge competition!

  2. Love all of your blankets, so cozy-looking!

  3. As per usual, beautiful blankets and fab entry for the Challenge this month :)

    Love the pineapple lore, Heather- fascinating !

  4. Cozy looking. And yay for all your animal rescues you donate to!

  5. Yes, this is true about the pineapples, you can find them in antique furniture carvings, beds dinning tables/chairs. Love the comment about the sailors & pineapples, I never knew that!
    Thank you all for your kind comments :)


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