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Monday, May 9, 2011

Pug Greets Spring Cards by jessicalynneart

The sweet cards by jessicalynneart celebrate spring in all of its loveliness and splendor! These cards feature a photo of James Dean the Pug encountering a freshly sprung bud among chopped wood. They are great to send out all sorts of fanciful messages to your friends, wishing them wonderful days as the weather grows warm.

I donate $1 from every item sold in my shop to either the MSPCA or Pug Rescue of New England. I also donate items from my shop to animal charities around the world to raffle off and make money for their shelters and groups. One of my rabbit hats is about to be sent off to this year's Bunfest!

I volunteer my time as a dog walker, when I am able to, and I am the challenge blog volunteer who posts your entries each month :]


  1. Darling print! Thanks for all you do, including the blog challenges! It's so much fun to see all the entries :)

  2. So cute!!

    So glad you did bunfest too!!
    That's great!

    Thanks for all you do!!

  3. As per usual, James Dean elicits swoons from his audience :)

    Thanks for the adorable entry and for the wonderful service work you do for our team !

  4. Just adorable!! The innocence and curiosity of their nature is well captured here!


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