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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Treasury Challenge: How Does Your Garden Grow? by knitbyvalerie

'How Does Your Garden Grow? (knitbyvalerie)' by knitbyvalerie

I combined our flower garden and vegetable gardens.

also, yes... our dogs spend a lot of time in both.

Taste of Summer (11x14 matte...

Flower Necklace - Passion Po...

Apple Cinnamon Woof Wontons ...

Wynston in Poppies, Italian ...

SALE box full Bearded Iris o...

ACEO Original Tomatoes Paint...

Bird in Flight Vintage Rose...

Itty Bitty Mint Birdie Famil...

Gray Wolf Amongst Tulips, Or...

Cherry Morning - Photo Greet...

Beautiful White Poodle in Li...

Calming Green Tea and Cucumb...

Wild Strawberry 8x8

Set of 3 bottlecap magnets, ...

pink flower peach blossom be...

Spring Daffodils Plate. Occu...

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


  1. I just LOVE this Treasury Valerie... so many delicious flowers & fruit... truly yummy ! so... when can i come visit ??? lol


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