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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kitty Cat Placemats and Napkins by catcalls

What's cuter than kitties and flowers?! As I looked at my stash, I spied this lovely bright pink floral fabric and instantly saw spring kitty placemats. Both flora and fauna in one cheerful set from catcalls! The mats are reversible with matching appliqued napkins.

I am currently focusing on donating items to fundraisers for various animal groups. I have chosen The Feral Cat Rescue Project as my charity for the month and hope to have lots of sales!


  1. So pretty! This would be so great for the summer with lots of outdoor eating on the patio!

    Great charity!!

  2. Delicious greens and fabulous kitties - purrfect for any dining table !

    Here's to lots of sales so we can send Chriss some bucks :)

  3. Just beautiful! The amount of detail on a placemat and napkin set it just amazing!

  4. Thank you! Yes - sales for the kitties!


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