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Monday, May 16, 2011

Flora and Fauna Print by thebluewindmill

This beautiful print by thebluewindmill fits the theme because it portrays an example of both flora, the camellia, and fauna, the greyhound. The original was rendered in watercolors and coffee binder.

I donate 10% of sales to the Team EFA COTM and I just shipped off some bunny cards for the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast's Bunfest. I am also a challenge leader and promoter for the team.


  1. I LOVE this painting! So much in the expression - like he is really thinking deeply about something. Beautiful colors, too!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Of course I am an avid sight hound lover.

  3. Okay... this is absolutely gorgeous Heather... LOVE the composition and you've done the subject matter proud!

    THANKS so much for your continued work with EFA's Challenge, our cotm and all the other things youo do to help the animals :)

  4. Just beautiful! Such detail and I love the color combinations :)

  5. This is lovely! I just adore greyhounds!


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