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Monday, May 23, 2011

Orchid Flower Watercolor Art by terikor

I love flowers and working in the garden so I thought for this months challenge theme flora and fauna it would be exciting to share my favorite floral piece from my shop , Orchids in Paradise. I created this watercolor while on vacation in Hawaii. Whenever I travel I love to bring some form of art medium along so that I can hopefully create something when I am in a very relaxed mode. With Orchids in Paradise I was fortunate enough to be staying at a hotel that offered a watercolor workshop with a local Hawaiian artist. Prior to this I incorporated watercolors with some of my pastels. This original artwork fits our theme because it represents the tropical flora atmosphere of Hawaii as well as the beauty of Orchids.

Experimenting in different mediums is exciting to me and creates challenges that help me to grow in my artistic ability. Watercolor is a newer medium for me. I like that it is more fluid and can be extremely colorful.

As with all my work I donate a percentage to various animal charities. The charity I have recently been very inspired to assist is the Search Dog Foundation because not only do they help dogs by rescuing them from shelters, they train these dogs to help humans like those who were victims of the earthquake in Japan and other natural disaster.


  1. Awesome colors and composition, Cori !
    THANKS for entering :)

  2. Beautiful! And I love the story about it's creation.


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