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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Determination Watercolour Reproduction by thoseparisoldays

For all the trouble they give us, it's impossible to stay mad at someone who, just by doing so, makes you laugh! This watercolour reproduction by thoseparisoldays shows that you've got to have a bit of determination in you or you'll get nowhere!

I, along with a group of ladies (and a couple of gentlemen!) feed, play with, pay visits to the vet and, once in a while, manage to place one of the too many kittens here on the Spanish Mediterranean coast!


  1. I completely understand what you do- I used to live in Lanzarote and used to help one of my neighbors with feeding the strays in our neighborhood. I even adopted one of them and she got to come live in the US when i moved back :)

    I LOVE your work... we should do a trade sometime !

  2. This is all too familiar! Great work. And so good of you to help the hurting lonely kitties near you.

  3. so cute!

    Great of you to help all those kitties!

    Thanks for entering the challenge!

  4. I saw a lady trying to walk a cat on a leash just the other day! The cat was definitely not cooperating, and I just had to laugh!

  5. one does hear snickering comments from people passing by! :D
    Ick, I wish I could say I didn't have a lot of work here with the street-cats but this week alone we've been to the vet twice - and it's only Tuesday! This last one needs water every half hour, but the vet didn't hold much hope. :(


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