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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Welsh Corgi Tile Coaster by terikor

With a theme like “Thanks for the Smiles”, who could resist not picking the Corgi? This dog breed is known for their smiles especially the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. terikor has a series of art products, gift tags, note cards, magnets, mouse pads and tile coasters that depict the smiling corgi as if to say thank you. I chose this tile coaster called “All Smiles” as my representation of the theme. This Corgi is very happy and would cheer up any kitchen.

One of the many charities I donate to is Old Dog Haven and is the charity I elected for this tile coaster because they specialize in the older dog. It is so important that senior canine have a safe haven and that is exactly what Old Dog Haven does for all dogs especially the older ones who are not always re-homed.


  1. I LOVE doggie smiles :)
    THANKS for sharing your work, Cori !

    Older dogs ROCK. I ADORE my older dog, Dingo, who is now 18-19 yrs old. I adopted her when she was about 10. I'd do it all over again- she's that incredible.

  2. What a great smile and charity!

    Thanks for entering and sharing your work!


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