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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Itty Bitty Turkey Knitting Pattern by yarnmiracle

"Itty Bitty Turkey" by yarnmiracle wants to remind everyone that, although he is high in fiber and potentially organic (depending on your yarn choice for the pattern), he is meant to be decorative and there are plenty of other options for a holiday feast.

As for us, we haven't had a foster in a while, but operation Provide Lady Bird with a Warm Lap is going well this fall. I have only to sit down for a minute before she appears. This makes using a laptop computer awkward, but the purring makes up for it.


  1. What a great turkey - AND great books he's sitting on!!! Definitely made this vegetarian smile :)

  2. Oh yeah great pic indeed!

    what a cutie!

    "Operation ladybird" tee hee!:)

  3. I love the turkey and the sentiment. We are looking forward to a fantastic vegan Thanksgiving celebration.

  4. The turkey looks like it's straight out of a stop motion claymation flick. Great design!

  5. I think everything that is an itty bitty becomes cute - even if it's not. This is so cute!!


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