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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Beehive Blues Earrings by TashinkaBeadingHeart

Welcome Team EFA newcomer TashinkaBeadingHeart to her first challenge entry with these lovely Beehive Blues earrings that are as colorful as the summer skies.

The topmost bead on this pair of earrings looks like a beehive. Thus, in my listing, I have referenced the immense danger to the survival of bumblebee pollinators with the advent of Colony Collapse Disorder. I think this entry would be great for the team challenge treasury because it not only features an animal element - the beehive - of a sky-flying animal, but also points shoppers to an article educating them about the larger ecological problem that we face with these critical little critters, and other bees as well.

I've been lucky enough to have had some time to volunteer at a local no-kill shelter in the past few years and found it totally rewarding. I could satisfy my craving to know and interact with cats of all "stripes." The only downfall is that I would love to take them all home with me - had a hard time leaving the place at night! I also am guardian to three - at the moment - rescue cats. <3<3<3 My donations to the Michigan Animal Rescue League are 10% of sales. This no-kill shelter is set up in a very poor section of town and I know they need every penny they can get.


  1. These are sooo awesomely beautiful and what a fab charity to support !

  2. Lovely earrings. The link in your listing leading to the article about the collapse of bee colonies was most interesting.

  3. Fabulous entry and great rescue!

    thanks so much!

  4. These are absolutely gorgeous, perfect for the monthly theme! And I'm thrilled that you are pointing out the plight of bees for us and your customers... it's an important message to get out. Thanks for your work with the animals at the no kill shelter!

  5. These earrings are just absolutely stunning!

    I also really appreciate your mentioning CCD, because I feel like a lot of people just aren't paying attention. It is a big deal!


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