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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dreamy Sky Blue Scarf by susannneedlehands

This is one of the softest scarves that susannneedlehands has to offer, in a pale blue and white combination, fuzzy and cloud-like.

I volunteer for Team EFA as the COTM treasury leader, and donate proceeds from my shop sales to the team's Charity of the Month. I also have two rescue kitty "children" at home.


  1. I LOVE soft scarves... makes me want to rub my face in it. bet the cats wanna do that with all your yarns :)
    THANKS for supporting EFA's Charity of the Month and... for all the promotional work you do thru the creations of your weekly EFA Treasuries.

  2. I love the whispy sky-like look to this beautiful scarf!

  3. Ooooo, that is a lovely scarf! Makes me wish it were winter again!

  4. What a gorgeous color and I bet it feels good too! Thanks for all your hard work for the team!

  5. Beautiful!! Good luck with your rescue kittys!


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