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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Quilled Dragon Embellishment by FairyCardmaker

My paper quilled dragons are modeled after elements of the natural world. This blue on blue dragon by FairyCardmaker is my blue skies dragon. I wish I could soar through a beautiful sky on the back of a winged legend! Don't you?

Certain items in my shop have proceeds going to the Southern Ontario Animal Rescue, which is a small, volunteer-only, foster-basis, dog rescue in my local community. I also teach papercraft classes to my creative companions with proceeds going to this rescue. I have also donated a dog-themed mini scrapbook album annually to the Speaking of Dogs fall online auction, which is another foster-based dog rescue in the Toronto area.


  1. Quilling is such a beautiful art. Love your dragon!

  2. Yes, that would be great to soar on a dragon!


    Thanks so much!

  3. What an ABSOLUTE Cutie - it looks like a lot of fun to make too !
    THANKS so much for entering - we love what you do :)

  4. Sweet little dragon - and so nice and blue!


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