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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Orange Colored Sky Silk Tapestry Box by brizel4TheAnimals

Orange Colored Sky is a bold soft fiber arts container by brizel4TheAnimals featuring hand spun multicolor silk sari yarn made from upcycled loom warps. It has a lid of its own which is embellished with a magenta vintage button with concentric circles.

Nat King Cole once sang: "I was walking along, mindin' my business and out of orange colored sky..." Have you ever seen one of those sunsets ? Don't you just love them ? wow !

This sweet Silk Tapestry Art Box measures approx: 2 3/4" in diameter x 1 1/2" high with an interior of 1 5/8" in diameter x 1 3/8" high. Its raw silk weight is roughly .9 oz (24 g).

10% of all SILK TAPESTRY BOX sales will be donated to animal charities, notably Team EFA's CHARiTY OF THE MONTH which differs each month. Please visit our team's website to read about this month's charity.

I own some 20 acres up in the mountains where I have planted orchards and floral gardens. Personal funds are put towards helping to sustain this habitat which attracts birds, butterflies, bees, bats, hummingbirds... and it is also a seasonal mating ground for dragonflies ! Twilight is part of a 2,000 acre ranch out in the chaparral wilderness where wild animals still roam.

I provide a home for my animal rescues, create & maintain habitat for wildlife to prosper, support animal welfare through petition & animal advocacy work, donate 10% of my Silk Tapestry Art Box sales to EFA's Charity of the Month, and promote & support Team EFA members through Etsy Treasuries & the EFA blog. My supply shop: BrizelSupplies is a sponsor for EFA's COTM program. I am also Team Captain, Membership & COTM Leader & Blog Editor for Team EFA !


  1. What a beautiful way to store one's keepsakes this makes!

  2. Gorgeous, Nicole, love all your silk boxes, really. A touch of beauty for all your little pretties!

  3. Gorgeous, Nicole, I love all your silk boxes, really. A little touch of beauty for all your little pretties!

  4. I love your boxes. This one is spectacular! :)


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