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Friday, July 2, 2010

2 Butterfly Greeting Cards with Envelopes Included (3 x 5) by artbymarilyn's shop

I drew and painted this butterfly for my mother. It was in her garden and I love butterflies. What a gift I thought than to give my mom what we both share. A butterfly. As I grew older I started collecting butterflies. I always thought they brought luck or the person you were thinking about to you. This is now also in a note card. Note cards have noting inside while I place a small verse inside the card and any words you wish as, "Happy Birthday", "Greetings", "Congratulations Graduate", etc..
Read about Marilyn's backyard wildlife santuary;


  1. So beautiful, by a wonderful EFA artist helping animals in her own backyard :)

  2. Gorgeous colors on those lovely butterflies- summer divine !

  3. What a lovely way to start the month - I love butterflies ;-)

  4. This is positively glowing! It's goregeous!

  5. Beautiful! And what a wonderful story.

  6. A lovely entry as always. Thank you Marilyn.


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