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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Butterflys and Daisys Necklace Set by sdunderkoffler's shop

This is such a pretty, girly set. A single silver chain is adorned with a butterfly pendant, upon which hangs several recycled beads and daisy charms. The necklace is pulled together by a pretty organic organza pink ribbon, which ties at the neck in a bow and accentuates the back. Necklace can be adjusted in legth to suit your personal preference. This necklace comes with a matching set of recycled glass bead earrings and daisy charms.
A portion of the profits from this sale benefit the National Wildlife Federation.


  1. So pretty, pink, and girly!
    Love the silver butterflies at the top!

    Love the National Wildlife Federation!

  2. This is lovely - it looks pretty and fun! Well done with a lovely necklace!

  3. That's something different to have the butterflies at the top. Cool!


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