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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Chickens--Set of 5 Cards and Envelopes by scrappyrat's shop

I was inspired by International Respect for Chickens Day to make this set of cards featuring chickens and butterflies. Matching chickens with a symbol of freedom reflects my hope for a world where these birds can be free to spread their wings, interact freely with others of their species, and be valued as individual beings.
I have a large selection of EFA Charity of the Month designated items. I also work as a foster volunteer for Carolina Pet Rescue, helping care for small animals like rats, hamsters, chinchillas, etc. depending on where I'm needed. On special occasions, such as world rat day, I also do 50% days when I not only donate 100% of the charity items to EFA, I donate 50% of the sales of all my other handmade items to a designated animal charity.


  1. That's just about the cutest chicken I've ever seen!

    So generous of you with all your donations!!

    Go Scrappyrat!:)

  2. Its true ! a very beautiful chicken... must be French ?! Loved the design with the butterflies !

  3. Hah! Chickens & butterflies! What a great combo!

  4. LOVE it, your message, and your work helping animals... I love chickens, they are my friends ;0) Michele

  5. Love these! Love your shop, too. Added one of your cards to a Kaboodle list of mine. Thanks for all you do for animals!


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