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Monday, July 12, 2010

Reversible Butterfly Over the Collar Handmade Doggie Bandana Size Large by gonedoggie's shop

This over the collar reversible doggie bandana is adorned with beautiful teal and silver butterflies on one side with a coordinating teal and silver on the opposite side. The bandana slides right over the dogs collar so the bandana can not come untied and be lost. It is machine washable. I am a dog owner of 4 dogs. All 4 of my dogs are rescues. 2 of them are certified therapy dogs. I volunteer with a local animal advocate group and I also foster puppies that are pulled from the local animal shelter then transported to another state where they are put up for adoption. I am a full time pet sitter caring for peoples pets in their homes while they go away. They leave with peace and mind knowing their pets are well cared for and in the comfort of their own homes. I donate many handmade collars and other items to local animal advocate groups for fundraising events and collars for the dogs that get adopted as a special treat for the new families.


  1. So cute! I would wear this, too :)
    Great work with animals! Thanks for being a part of EFA, Michele

  2. Very pretty!
    I like the fact that the bandana won't get lost.
    I'm so impressed by those who have therapy dogs or work with therapy dogs!

  3. Very cute! I love that it attaches to the collar so it won't fall off ;-)

  4. This is so cute! You should make a matching human one!~

  5. Gotta Love Dogs, thanks so much for including my bandana in the monthly challenge.


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