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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Flutterby No. 3 Glass Tile Pendant by happyshackdesigns' shop

I created this line of glass tile pendants for my local arts market and decided to list them here for my online customers! These are created with glass tiles and combinations of art papers, vintage and collage digital images from various Etsy suppliers, and my own photography and collage. This 1" x 1" tile is finished with a silvertone Aanraku pendant bail and comes complete with a silvertone ball chain cut to the length of your choice.
I donated a mixed media dog-themed work to artist Renee Troy who bound all donations into a book that was auctioned off on Etsy to benefit A Place to Bark. Final sale was just over $1000! Here's some info about the book:
I'm also involved in our area Humane Society and just recently adopted another rescue, a sweet little yellow lab mix named Molly who came to them abused and with a broken leg. Now that she's been with us for six months, she's doing great! here are some pictures of her and our other rescue, Isabelle:


  1. Wonderful !

    Molly looks like she is adjusting well so well done with it all :)

  2. What a lovely pendant! Good idea to list it on Etsy!

  3. Lovely photos of Molly & Isabelle. Beautiful butterfly.

  4. Just beautiful, and great work for the animals, Molly is so cute and looks so happy now :)


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