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Monday, July 5, 2010

Butterflys and Gems Necklace by sdunderkoffler's shop

This necklace is just so elegant and beautiful. A black organic organza ribbon is adorned with a large silver and gem covered butterfly pendant and lays beautifully from the neck. Necklace is 18 inches in length and attaches with a claw clasp, pendant is 2 inches wide and two inches high.
15% from the sale of each item benefits the National Wildlife Federation. As for me personally, the company I work for is currently assisting with rescueing birds/turtles from the gulf oil crisis (being a zookeeper - we all asist with this effort). And in my spare time, aside from runnig my etsy pages for various charitys, I volunteer with a local pet organization


  1. indeed !
    very elegant and for a worthy cause :)

  2. Wow - this is beautiful ;-) jx

  3. So elegant!!
    And I love the National Wildlife Federation!!!

  4. This is so intricately beautiful!

  5. So gorgeous, and I love the NWF too! ;0) Thank you for helping animals!

  6. Love the added touch withthe black organza-pretty!


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