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Monday, July 19, 2010

Card with Removable Bookmark - Butterfly Garden - 10 percent to SOAR charity by fairycardmaker's shop

The ability to read is a gift. We can weave stories in our minds. Let the stories flutter about your imagination like these butterflies in your garden! This card includes a removable butterfly bookmark. The bookmark was made twice: one is removable and one is attached to the card so that it won't look naked when the bookmark is removed!
Fairy Cardmaker, a division of Ensorcelled Minds Inc., helps the Southern Ontario Animal Rescue generate funds through shop proceeds and workshop fundraisers. The Southern Ontario Animal Rescue uses these funds to purchase microchips and vet care for foster dogs and to aid dog foster families in purchasing food.


  1. Wonderful card! Love the idea of the double bookmark that leaves the card in tact. Clever!
    Lovely delicate butterflies and flowers!

    SOAR sounds like a great organization!

  2. I love it - pretty and elegant, very sophisticated looking. I imagine it as a gift for someone who is hard to please - and they WOULD be pleased!!!

  3. Such a fab idea & sooo pretty!


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