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Monday, August 9, 2010

8x10 Photograph puffy white clouds purple flowers by the water by Aktie9's shop

This is my fav photo of the sky since it is so soft looking, and intriguingly warm. It's what I consider "relaxing art" something that makes you comfortable and relaxed. I often look at photos to calm myself when I'm stressed & it really works well, especially of the skies or nature. I have lots of other photos of the sky, as it's one of my fav subjects to shoot. My husband rolls his eyes whenever the sun sets, as he knows I'll he beaded out the door, looking for the next beautiful view to capture. I want to get as many of them as possible. I think of making a book or zine of them soon, sometime. I wanna show the people more of the natural world, so they will care for it better. It's my life goal. Get folks to change their minds and take better care of the earth.
For the rest of the month in my shop. ***25% of sales for the Month of August is going to the EFA Charity of the Month. See our website here: In addition *ANY* animal item in this shop is a 100% donation to the COTM also. This month I won the choice of charity. I chose Winslow Farm Sanctuary in Norton Massachusetts! See their site here:*** I also always have some sort of a deal going on. It might not be advertised on the shop heading, to get announcements & BOGO sales please follow me on FB,, or my site.


  1. Attractive post!!!!..."8x10 Photograph puffy white clouds purple flowers by the water by Aktie9's shop"are very brilliant to see...Its really shows your well-talent...Keep up this great job....


  2. I love the crisp sharpness of the plants contrasting with the soft delicate cloud!
    Great color!!
    It is very peaceful!!!
    So generous with the donations too!!!

  3. A perfect LOOK TO THE SKIES entry and truly another beautiful one from your portfolio.

    THANKS so much for entering the challenge !

  4. VERY calming and beautiful. Can you imagine having your whole room filed with these lovely photos with some fragrant floral candle burning?? Ahhh!

  5. So peaceful and and beautiful, love it and thank you for submitting a wonderful charity of the month! 25% is so generous, the animals are so lucky! :0)

  6. Thank you everyone!! All my best, Heather 'aktie9' :)


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