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Monday, August 16, 2010

Humming Bird Print of My Original Oil Painting (24x18) by Artbymarilyn's Shop

I like any kind of nature. I again was asked to paint a humming bird. I love happy colors and again this was fun for me. I hope you like it. This original oil is in various sizes and prices. It is also in greeting cards and jewelry. I also do commissioned oil paintings reasonably.


  1. I love hummers!
    I love the happy colors and the way it hovers in the air!

  2. I love Marilyn's work. I have a few of her prints and I cherish them :)

  3. So pretty-would love a room full of these paintings!


  5. I wish I knew how to thank everyone for their appreciation of my work.

    I take a painting and make many different items from one painting. View my work at There are bookmarks, jewelry, candles, t-shirts, decorator pillows, magnets, greeting cards, prints of various sizes, a book on my dog. etc..

    My peacocks won a place in the new movie with Cher called BURLESQUE. Yeah!!! for the creatures large and small. Thank you all for your lovely comments about my work.

    I do as much as I can to see to their comfort and sustenance. What would the world be like without a birds chirp. Or the beauty of their colors. Or the grace of a lion (at a safe distance). Anyway, thank you all for your kind appreciation. I am so proud to be a part of team efa.


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