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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Starry Night knitted dog kerchief by thedoghouse's shop

This sparkly purple hand knitted dog bandanna is studded with twinkling star & moon buttons courtesy of fellow EFA member Nicole ( ). 100% of the proceeds from its sale will go to EFA charity of the month.
My designs are inspired by greyhound rescue, about which I am passionate. I donate a portion of my shop profits to my local greyhound rehoming charity, Gracehounds,, with whom I am a volunteer dog walker & fosterer.


  1. I love the contrast of the "stars" against the dark background.
    Really fabulous!!

  2. Yay ! You are now an official knitter. lol.

    I think the kerchief looks grand- glad you liked the teensy buttons :) Wishing you well, as always and thanks for all the fab work you do for the greyhounds !

  3. Love the design and Max looks so handsome in His.


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