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Friday, August 6, 2010

Handmade Knit Wrap - Straw and Sky by susanneedlehands' shop

"Look to the Skies" the hints of gold are like a majestic eagle and the blue and white are like a beautiful, wide expanse of sky with little puffy clouds in it. The criss-cross design also makes me think of a bird's wings, emanating out from its body, so powerful and graceful, as it flies through the sky.
I am actually a full-time middle school teacher, so I mostly work with 11- and 12-year old human animals! I do have 2 rescue kitties, one of which was featured by Michele last month or so (Noah). I also would LOVE to be able to donate all proceeds from any items sold on Etsy to the team charity of the month to be able to help more animals and organizations in need.


  1. Love the colors in it!

    The majestic golden eagle contrasted with the blue sky and white puffy clouds!!
    So poetic!

    Very feminine!

    It'd be perfect to wear with jeans or a dress!

  2. A beautiful wrap! And your generosity is to be commended!

  3. What a gorgeous wrap :)

    The colors are soooo lovely as well... I'm so glad you entered the challenge !

  4. Love the colors and so wonderful to have you in EFA, thank you for helping the animals so generously w/your shop sales! Michele

  5. So pretty. I love the design and the colors are beautifully blended.


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