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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Starburst Sandwich Bag Trio by Pomegranatepenguin's Shop

Who says packing a lunch can't be fun? Express your personality with a set of reusable sandwich bags! This set features a fun starburst pattern in light blues, pinks, and greens set on a chocolate brown background. The inside of the bags features a nylon lining that is easily cleaned with a damp cloth - so convenient! While we're at it, why limit these versatile bags to lunchtime? The small size is great for tossing makeup in to keep your purse clean or for filling with snacks to carry around for your toddler!
100% of our profits go to Alabama EARS rabbit rescue (!


  1. Such a clever idea! Love the starburst pattern!

  2. So good of you to donate all. Nice pattern!

  3. love the colors and star light pattern, so handy to have for just about anything.


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