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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Itty Bitty Pelican - Hand Knit Organic Cotton Limited Edition Toy to Help the Gulf Coast by Yarnmiracle's shop

He's a bird, so it seems like he fits the "Look to the Skies" theme perfectly - what with all the powerful flying and diving and scooping up fish. This particular pelican won't fly as high as his wild cousins, but if you toss him up in the air, he will do his best to *imagine* soaring through the sky.
Since it's very beginning, my shop has been a way for me to support the rescue and adoption efforts of our local Humane Society. For each of my hand knit Companion Animals or Itty Bitty Playsets that sells, I donate $5 directly to Baldwin Animal Rescue. We also foster animals through that organization and help with adoption events as we are able. That happens less now that I have a toddler with a naptime smack in the middle of most adoptions, but I can at least still offer financial support!


  1. Oh this pelican is just too cute!!
    I love that it's made with organic yarn and is going to help the Gulf Coast! So awesome!

  2. Adorable and highly creative... love his littl' fish as well !

    Thanks so much for entering Mr Pelican !

  3. This is SUPER cute!! I wish he would fly on over here!!

  4. That is incredibly cute. Thanks for entering it in the challenge.

  5. So adorable, and great that your shop helps the animals too! ;0)

  6. Oh my god this is sooooo adorable!


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