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Friday, August 20, 2010

Owl And Pussycat's Adventure by KimbasCritters

~♥~ Mr. Owl and his good friend Pussycat were feeling rather bored. When Pussycat suggested an evening boat ride they both thought it was an outstanding idea and hopped in their little wooden boat looking forward to a nights worth of adventure. ~♥~ This is a mixed media collage on a 9X7 inch light wooden board. A hanger is attached to the back so it is ready to be displayed in a room of your choice--the artwork continues on to the sides of the board so there is no need for framing. It has been lightly varnished for protection and shine.

Kimbas Critters donates 10% of all sales to BLIND CAT RESCUE & SANCTUARY, INC. please take a look at this wonderful charities page


  1. Wonderful piece! Well illustrated!
    I wonder what adventures they'll have!

  2. I don't think there is one thing in this shop I dislike. I LOVE all your work!

  3. This is lovely! Well done with a lovely piece of work :-))

  4. Oh gosh, I'd be very proud if this was my work.


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