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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cow Portrait Watercolor Painting by KneeDeepOriginals

Cows are some of KneeDeepOriginals' favorite animals, and after a recent trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway up into Virginia, where we saw several fields of grazing cows, I was inspired to do this new painting of a black and white cow against a pale blue sky.

I have three rescue dogs and a rescue cat and four chickens who enjoying roaming in my garden. But never do the dogs and chickens meet, except by staring at one another on occasion through the garden fence. Surprisingly, the cat seems little interested in the chickens.... she's pretty smart as I believe their claws would tear her apart. Outside of my own animals, I am involved in local fundraisers for the two county rescue organizations here as well as nearby county Humane Societies. I donate art, and occasionally music, in order to raise money for the care of the animals, education, spaying and neutering clinics, and I help with adoption. I wish I could do fostering as well, but at this time it's just not possible. One day, perhaps.


  1. Love the cow!!

    Great works for the animals!

    Thanks so much for entering and being a part of the team!:)

  2. Lovely cow portrait, Rebecca ! I love the two tone color scheme :) Hope all is well at home !

  3. Though I admit to not much liking the drool of cows, I do like their cute faces! Love the whiskers you did!

  4. The cow portrait is really beautiful! Thank you for sharing it.


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