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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Western Dreamer Horse Drawing by terikor

Looking at the theme for the September challenge, there are all types of farms with some specializing in a particular animal or product whether it be a dairy farm or a horse farm, etc. I decided that the horse would be the best way I could exemplify this month’s theme. Having spent time in Lexington, KY enjoying the scenic landscape of lush grass on the rolling hills and the magnificent horse farms with every type of equine breed, my horse art began to evolve into a softer and looser style. The influence of this trip was very apparent as I began to draw a series of horses in pastels called my “Dream Series”. Western Dreamer by terikor is one of my favorites of this series. In this drawing using a soft palette, allowing the horse's emotional state to best be depicted.

At this time a percentage of all my horse artwork benefits
Thoroughbred Placement and Rescue. This horse rescue is located in Maryland and I discovered it when someone involved with the rescue purchased one of my drawings. Although they purchased a drawing of a cat and dog, I decided to begin donating to this horse charity on all my equine art.


  1. Great illustration and charity!

    Thanks for entering!

  2. Horses rock and so does your illustration !

  3. So beautiful! What a cool series. SO glad you are involved in the horse rescue, too.


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