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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sammy the Needle Felted Kitty by Gheegles

Growing up on the farm when I was a little girl, we always had stray cats we fed and during the start of the fall season. Sunflowers would grow along the edge of the fences that kept the cattle in. So my newest inspiration for this needle felted kitty by Gheegles came from my childhood memories!

I donate a portion of my sales to a monkey rescue center. However, this month in honor of my challenge submission, I have decided to donate 25% of the sales of this item to the EFA Charity of the Month!


  1. What an awesome entry- LOVE it !
    THANKS for considering our COTM- hope it sells right quick :)

  2. Lovely farm Sun-meow-flower!! love the bee too!!

    Thanks for entering the challenge!

    I hope it sells quick too!!

  3. I love Sammy! I checked out the alternate pics, too, very CUTE!

  4. Sammy is a fuzzy doll! What a great entry. I so agree - farms cannot be without a good barn cat, even if they are strays.


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