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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Know What You Did Print by JenniferLynnProducts

"I Know What You Did" is an altered version of a photo by JenniferLynnProducts. It was taken near Sharpsburg, MD in February of 2009 and is of a barn behind twisted, knotted branches - a great fit for our September challenge!

Jennifer is owned by 8 rescued cats. Though she no longer takes animals in and is unable to foster, Jennifer helps out in any way she can: donating time/money/goods/food, helping with on-the-ground rescues, forwarding posts via social networking sites regarding animals in need of help and ongoing rescue operations.

Jennifer loves all animals, even the "scary" or "ugly" ones.


  1. GREAT ! Now we have a barn to put all the animals in :)

  2. I have a further altered version of it available as a T-shirt/hoodie/sticker at Redbubble, too. That item is titled "Scary House."

  3. Love the title and description. A beautiful photo!

  4. I love this!! It is also kind of Halloween-ish too! A bit mysterious and spooky. I grew up in an area with old deserted barns behind overgrown briars, and us kids used to dare each other to go in because it was "haunted."
    Great entry!


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