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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Handsome Black Crow Tags by EllaQuaint

These tags, which have been lovingly aged to prim perfection with a mixture of coffee and vanilla, have been created by EllaQuaint and complement the farm challenge because you find lots of crows in the cornfields.

I am a feral cat caretaker and now have some hungry racoons and possums joining in for nightly snacks.

I'm tending my second crop of catnip to be cut and dried for kitty items.

10% of my sales are donated to the Charity of the Month or the Feral Cat Rescue.


  1. A great farm bird indeed!!!

    Thanks so much for entering the challenge and for helping the animals!

  2. Fascinating primitive tags... love their coloring tint and of course, crows rock !

  3. Those are really neat! I love that antiqued look :o)

  4. It is a good work you are doing with the ferals. I hope they stay safe. Love these rustic tags, too!


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