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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Piglet Dog Hat by jessicalynneart

I have always wanted to live on a farm with a pet pig like Wilbur in "Charlotte's Web". Since I couldn't have one, pugs seemed like a great idea. After all, they have curly tails, squished noses, and only one letter to their name is different. Now I can have both loves with this little pig hat by jessicalynneart.

I am the challenge blog volunteer for our wonderful team and I also donate to several animal charities. The rescues that I most often support are Pug Rescue of New England, which helped me to adopt my first pug, and the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA). I will be a vendor and walker with Team All You Need is Pug at the MSPCA's annual Walk for Animals in Newbury, MA on September 11. If you will be there, be sure to say 'hello'!


  1. ROTFL Jess. I LOVE how you combined PIG with PUG... well done !

  2. So very cute!!

    Thanks so much for entering the competition!

    Great work with the animals!

  3. Oh my goodness; such a face!! *giggle*. That is absolutely adorable (in spite of the long-suffering expression on the model's face ;o)

  4. What a doll! A piggy pug or puggy pig? CUTE!


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