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Friday, January 13, 2012

Arctic Frolic Polar Bear Pastel Drawing by terikor

There is no better animal that exemplifies a wintery white than the Polar Bear; therefore terikor chose the Arctic Frolic, a pastel drawing of a Polar Bear to be my challenge entry for the January Challenge “Winter Whites and Icy Blues”. There is something about the Polar Bear that draws people in especially some of their delightful antics. My drawing of the Polar Bear is created in a gestural manner. The head of the Polar Bear is defined but I use lines to indicate the body. With the assumption that less is more, I let your eye fill in the rest. In the case of Arctic Frolic the polar bear seems to be playing around with his hind in the air.

Unfortunately the polar bear is listed as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act because of Global Warming. By choosing the Polar Bear to represent Etsy for Animals January challenge theme, I am also letting people know that we need to assist in saving the Polar Bear from extinction. Consequently my choice of charity for Arctic Frolic my Polar Bear drawing is Polar Bear International since they are one of the most well known Charities assisting in research and helping the Polar Bear.


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