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Monday, January 16, 2012

Lamb Watercolor Painting by ThimbleSparrow

This sweet watercolor of a wintry white lamb by ThimbleSparrow is dedicated to Carmen, a little lamb who was rescued by Animal Place - a farm animal rescue. Her leg was in very bad condition and had to be amputated leaving her with the need for a prosthetic leg. She is doing so well adjusting to her new life but because she is still growing she will need a new prosthetic leg periodically until she is fully grown.

20% of the proceeds for this painting will be going to Animal Place to help little Carmen in her recovery as well as all the animals at their sanctuary.

I donate regularly to my favorite animal charities and donate a percentage of the proceeds from all of my original paintings to animal charities as well. I also particiapte in the EFA Charity Of The Month program.


  1. So cute!

    What a great model and painting!!

    Will have to check out that charity!

    Thanks for entering!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. What a sweet little lamb. Sounds like a great charity!

  4. Wonderful to enjoy your artwork and read about your charity donations !

  5. What a sweet painting, I love Animal Place that is one of my donation recipients too!

  6. Carmen is beautiful...we wish her well. Animal Place sounds wonderful. Lovely painting.

  7. How precious. A wonderful love story as well...what a great sanctuary.


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