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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Blue Snowflake Dog Collar by AstridNicoleEtcetera

With it's blue background and snowflakes, this collar by AstridNicoleEtcetera is surely 'icy blue'.

Ever since adopting Astrid in 2006, I've wanted to give back to the shelter. In 2008, I started our AstridNicoleEtcetera shop and have donated the net proceeds ever since.


  1. Ohhh yes indeed very brrrr-ish !
    THANKS for sharing your Astrid stories and well done on your success to 'give back' to the shelter :)

  2. I love blue and white! Great collar.

  3. Gorgeous fabric - so perfect for the theme. And giving back is how so many shelters stay afloat!

  4. Thanks everyone! Being part of EFA and being able to give back to the animals who add so much meaning to life is an honor.


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