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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Light Blue Cable-knit Fingerless Gloves by knitbyvalerie

These sky blue cable-knit gloves from knitbyvalerie remind me of the sharp blue sky of a sunny winter day. The yarn base is from a small batch dyer here in Maine!

I am the blog promoter for our team (you may have gotten an e-mail or two from me) and regularly support my local animal shelters through adoption, donations, and promoting adoptions whenever possible.


  1. Perfect ! Well done for being the one to start our 2012 Monthly Challenge season- you deserve the honor. LOL

    What a FAB entry for our Jan Challenge... I can certainly testify the comfort of your gloves... i adore both of mine !

    THANKS for all your efforts on behalf of the animals and for supporting Team EFA as you do. I cant imagine a day going by without one of your emails :)

  2. These are beautiful! Rarely do I see these types of gloves with such a lovely pattern.

  3. You definitely have a knack for cable! Your work is so pretty. These are a wonderful starter for the new year and new theme!

  4. aww. thanks you guys! so pleased to enter the challenge this month! i hope we get tons of entries.

  5. Oh these look so snuggly! Love the blue!

    Thanks so much all you do Valerie!


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