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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gold Necklace with Blue Lolite Stones by diggerbren

This is a beautiful, delicate 14 karat gold filled chain necklace with 16 little deep blue iolite stones shows love for the stark blues of stormy days. Created by diggerbren, it is sure to bring a bit of beauty to your winter days.

I donate monthly to Defenders of Wildlife, Humane Society of the United States and Alley Cat Allies and our dogs Franklin and Eleanor are rescues from the Arizona Animal Welfare League. Our newest cat was living with his Arizona Humane Society foster mom (a customer at my real job), but all his sisters were called back up to the big leagues without him, so we got a free kitty! Technically, he isn't a shelter cat, since he never had to go down there, but I like to think he got lucky and skipped a step.


  1. Beautiful! I've seen the biggest snowflakes ever fall from skies that color.

  2. lovely necklace, great charities, and what a lucky cat!!

  3. Peacefully beautiful !
    THANKS for entering and sharing how you help animals... love DOW :)

  4. Congratulations to your newest cat - not everyone gets to skip a step. :D

    Beautiful necklace!


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