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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cats in the Snow Print by LolaLynn

Sophia and Dubinsky are having so much fun in the snow! Truth be told, Dubinsky would be the only one having a great ole time in the snow, crazy cat that he is. Sophia would NEVER venture forth from her basket in front of the radiator to partake in such silliness.

This listing is for an 8 1/2 by 11 hand embellished print of an acrylic painting by the same name. Printed on acid free cardstock, the print by LolaLynn is enhanced with acrylic paints. Each embellished print is OOAK - no 2 being exactly alike.

10% of every item sold in our shop with the exception of the turtle paintings, is donated to EFA's Charity of the Month Program. 50% of our "Matthew and Me" turtle paintings go to turtle rescue and rehab.


  1. Enchanting piece - LOVE the entire feel of it !
    GREAT to see your continued participation in the Challenge program, Lynn... it wouldn't exist without you, tripleTHANKS :)

  2. Love the texture and the adorable cats!!!

    Ditto what Nicole said:
    Thanks so much for your continued support!!

  3. I love the cute little smiles on these two kitties. Charming print!

  4. I adore your artwork! These are the cutest kitties!

  5. This cracks me up! Great piece.

  6. My cat will venture out in any weather! We keep him in on cold , snowy days unless he sneaks out.

    Love this piece of art!


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