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Monday, February 6, 2012

Pitt Bull Mix Original Watercolor Portrait by KneeDeepOriginals

This watercolor by KneeDeepOriginals is a study of my dog Cooper. Cooper is the light of our lives, or one of them (since we have three dogs and a grandpuppy who spends a lot of time with us, and a cat), and we adopted her from a home a ways down the road when the owner could no longer care for her. She is our first pitt bull mix, and we were simply amazed at her friendliness, her cuddliness, her exuberance, her intelligence, her faithfulness, and her ability to get along so well with our other animals, including the cat!

A portion of the sale of this painting will go to my local animal shelter's renovation fundraiser. We have a large number of stray and homeless animals in our county due to folks not spaying and neutering, and some who just let the animals go. The shelter, along with our Humane Society and a nonproft animal rescue group, all work together, with a local vet, to care for these animals and to try and find them homes. Recently an art show opened at our local art gallery which benefits the shelter's renovation project. I painted two pieces specifically for this show, and all sales will go directly to the shelter. I also hung the show since the shelter staff wasn't skilled in that area. I try to be very involved with all of these organizations, either through my art or my music, or simply posting and sharing the animals needing homes on Facebook or in emails. Every effort we make is so important for these precious souls.


  1. Wonderful painting and wonderful works!!

    Thanks so much for caring and sharing!

  2. Such a lovely portrait and wonderful sentiments !
    THANKS Rebecca :)

  3. Very Nice. The eye really brings you in.

  4. Cooper is so handsome! Love the watercolor.

  5. You are SO talented! This is beautifully done. So much seen in that eye.


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