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Monday, March 12, 2012

Ipo's Dream Dog Art Coaster by terikor

To each of us our house pet is special. We all love the unconditional love our pets give to us. Some people prefer a dog to a cat or they love both. Others prefer a particular breed. It really does not matter because they are all our pets and have their special place in each of our homes. In my case I have 4 Salukis and a cat and they pretty much rule the roost.

chose this tile coaster called Ipo’s Dream to represent the March theme of house pets. I met Ipo, a Cocker Spaniel on one of my trips to Hawaii. He was the devoted pet of some friends who lived on Maui. I did several drawings of Ipo because he was such a love and had the most expressive eyes. As an artist I love capturing the essence of animals through the eyes. Your house pet can tell me so much as I look into his or her eyes. In all my animal art the eyes play a predominant role.

Since Ipo was a Cocker Spaniel, I think it only appropriate that I donate to a Cocker Spaniel rescue and as it turns out the Etsy for Animalsl charity of the month for March is a Cocker Spaniel Rescue,
Life's Little Paws. I therefore choose this rescue as the beneficiary from the sale of this Tile Coaster and all my other Cocker Spaniel artwork.


  1. Neat idea... to have your art on a tile :)
    Looks GREAT !

  2. Such a lovely animal and great charity to give to.

    Thanks so much for entering!

  3. What a great idea... and this example is just so sweet! Thanks for what you do for the spaniels!

  4. Love the eyes...and the curly ears of a Spaniel.


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