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Friday, March 23, 2012

Vintage Pearl Poodle Brooch from EllaQuaint

This pretty poodle brooch from EllaQuaint would be a welcome addition to any pet loving home.
So beautiful and regal, it represents the breed with a vintage flair!

I myself own a Labradoodle, so I'm fond of of their happy outgoing personality.

Anytime I can, I try to improve the welfare of animals.
I donate items to my local Humane Society.
and I also donate 10% of my sales to the Team EFA's Charity of the month.


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  2. This brooch is so cute! Allow me to quote a little poem I wrote (ages ago) about poodles:

    If poodles were people,
    They'd be perfectly pleasant
    When present,
    And peerlessly proper
    In parting.

  3. We love having you on board, EllaQuaint !

  4. Cute pin and I love the poem, too!

  5. Cute pin and I love the poem, too!


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