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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Knit Rabbit Beverage Cozies by knitbyvalerie

Want a cozy for your 12 oz beverage that can easily travel in your back pocket? This set of 4 from knitbyvalerie features the increasingly popular house pet, the adorable rabbit. Personally, I feel very strongly that rabbits belong in the home--and with these cozies, even people allergic to rabbits can show their love for them. Additionally, this listing also has a photo that features one of our dogs, Arwen. She is not for sale.


I promote the regular EFA blog every day through Yahoo Groups and on Etsy Teams. I encourage friends and family to adopt rather than buy every chance I get and have 6 rescues of my own, including 2 house rabbits and the above -mentioned Arwen.


  1. Lovely to see Arwen... is she stalking the rabbits ? lol.
    GREAT to see your entry and ready about your work... THANKS for the exquisite service work you do for our team !

  2. I love this...cozy up to a bunny while keeping hands dry.


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