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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March Treasury Challenge: "I Spy..." by Brizel4TheAnimals

'I Spy Something... made by an EFA Volunteer' by brizel4TheAnimals

Monthly Team EFA Treasury Challenge !

THANKS to the volunteers who run our team :)

Cherub holding bird, 5x7 pho...

Dog Hat - Little Lady Rabbit...

Aquamarine Swarovski Pearl B...

Repose 8x8

Nuno Felt Scarf in Pink and ...

Bird Tags in Pink and Yellow...

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Tile Co...

Festive Drink Ornament

Red Floral Plush Cat Pillow ...

Knit Striped Scarf / Honeysu...

Budgie, Birds of a Feather, ...

Pomeranian Note Tin

Itty Bitty Angora Bunny - Ha...

Calico Kitty Apron

hand knit watermelon pink sw...

birds singing photo collage ...

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


  1. I knew we had a very diverse group, what a wonderful collection that really showcases it!

  2. A nice whimsical touch. Pet Collage comes up with the funniest things!


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