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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Matthew and Me Turtle Watercolor Painting No. 22 by LolaLynn

I'll never forget the first time I saw sea turtles swimming above me. It took my breath away and looked something like this painting. 

Lynn donates 50 % from the sale of the turtle paintings to turtle rescue and rehab. She also supports a local cat rescue, Courageous Cats, from the sale of her original cat paintings. 10% of the sale of everything else in the LolaLynn etsy shop is to benefit EFA's COTM program.


  1. Love those turtles - what a talented artist!

  2. This series of turtle paintings just keeps getting better - LOVE them !

  3. Beautiful silhouettes. The contrast with the lighter, more translucent water is a perfect combo.

  4. Thanks, Lynn, for all you do and that painting is gorgeous! I LOVE sea turtles!!!

  5. cute turtles Lynn is a wonderful artist!

  6. So beautiful! Makes me want to go for a swim with these lovely creatures!

  7. thanks, Lynn, for everything! Very cool painting. Very peaceful. . .


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