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Friday, September 7, 2012

Carnation Piggy by yarnmiracle

Knit with hand-dyed and spun wool from, Carnation Pig by yarnmiracle measures an action-packed 14.75 inches from head to toe. His floppy arms, legs, ears and curly cue tail are securely attached and his little piggy eyes are embroidered with organic cotton to avoid small parts. Carnation is stuffed with Eco Wool Filling (wooly stuffing that is both predator and sheep friendly) for an extra huggable middle. Carnation Pig's wooly pink wool comes from a small flock of well-tended Jacob sheep - a critically endangered breed.

When this Companion finds a home (he is $130), I will donate $20 to my local humane society, the Baldwin County Humane Society.


  1. That is SOME pig ! woweeeee...
    Let's see if our spiders can weave MARVELOUS and SPLENDIFEROUS in their webs today :)

  2. Wow! You go girl!!
    so cute!
    fab donation to fab charity!

  3. The wonderful woman who specialy dyed the pink yarn for this piggy is a local from my home town, Iowa city! I see her ever weekend at the farmers market. What a great team that allowed this amazing cute piggy to be made!!!

  4. He is adorable! Your local humane society is lucky to have you on there side...


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