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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Treasury: EFA's Charity Promotions Contest for September

'EFA's Charity Promotions Program for September' by thebluewindmill

Treasury consists of members who entered Team EFA's Charity Promotions Program contest this month. Each item benefits their chosen charity- which would you vote for ?

The Blue Windmill: Search Dog Foundation
Terikor: Search Dog Foundation
Brizel4TheAnimals: Search Dog Foundation
YarnMiracle: Baldwin County Humane Society
Shortcake Designs: National Mill Dog Assoc. 
Ocelot Eyes: David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
Zoe and Piper: The Farm Sanctuary
Fairy Cardmaker: So. Ontario Animal Rescue 

Abstract Acrylic Painting, C...

Sydney Tibetan Terrier Paste...

Vintage Sash Fabric handwove...

Carnation Piggy - Jacob Wool...

RESERVED for Heather - Vinta...

Baby Elephant photo print 8x...

Tourmaline Gemstone Pendulum...

Christmas Card Snowflake Emb...

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