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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Crow Print by AlexWijnen

This crow print by alexwijnen is one of my all-time favorites that I've created – and apparently others like it as well since my 8x10 limited edition is almost sold out (just one print left).

I love the mystery around this print, very moody and somewhat spooky with the full moon, yet I tried to make sure the crow himself still looks friendly.

I love animals and have created a cozy nest here in Portland, Oregon, with my hubby, two dogs and two cats, all rescues. As a graphic designer, I'm thrilled to help out the Oregon Humane Society by donating half of my design costs to create their quarterly magazine. They're also my non-profit of choice and $5 of all sales of my dog prints go directly to them. They are 100% privately funded (zero state or federal dollars) so it's even more impressive to me that last year they adopted out over 11,000 cats, dogs, and small animals.


  1. So cool! I love the way he sits outside the frame, giving him a guardian-like prominence.

  2. This is a beautiful print! I am duly wowed. :)

  3. I love this crow and the expression you managed to get in his eyes and posture. Very nice!

  4. This is the image which had me 'discover' you on Etsy. Its awesome !

    Glad you joined EFA and also that you were able to rescue hubby as well as the rest of your animal pack (lol)

  5. I so love crows!
    What a beautiful piece of art!!

    So glad you were able to rescue hubby and the animals too!!:) I'm sure they are all truly grateful for your kind heart!

    Thanks for all the work you do and for entering the challenge!


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