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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween ACEO - Art Cards by LolaLynn

This entry from LolaLynn is of an ACEO sized embellished print entitled "The Tickle". The story behind the painting: Sam the cat came to us late in his life. He was the lovable companion of one of our senior citizen friends. She asked us to take care of Sam if anything happened to her. When he came to us he missed Marguerite dreadfully and for some reason found comfort in sleeping on my pillow with his body wrapped around the top of my head. Eventually, he found out that if he wanted his breakfast at the crack of dawn all he had to do was untuck his tail and have it land ever so lightly on my nose. The others caught on and pretty soon they would line up around the bedroom and wait for "the tickle." Good story - right? Except that I guess it makes me a "pumpkin head!"

LolaLynn's etsy shop contributes 10% to EFA's charity of the month program. All of the shops ACEOs can be special ordered in larger sizes - just convo for sizes and prices.


  1. "Things that tickle in the night" ?! right ! lol.

    Sweet story- thanks for sharing and supporting the COTM program, Lynn :)

  2. Such a cute story and card!

    Thanks so much for entering!

  3. What an adorable story! Amazing how they find cute ways to communicate with us! You are an angel. And I love your art!


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